October 11, 2014

High-Performance Parker Compound Bows

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Parker compound bows are among the largest manufactured bows in the world. In continuing to develop and produce the finest hunting bows, Parker have released another set of cutting edge compound bows this 2010 that instantly gained pleasant reviews from new and experienced archers alike.

Parker AmbusherThe Ambusher 28 of Parker Compound Bows

Ambusher 28 – It was introduced as the ultimate high-performance ground assault compound bow with the following notable features: a mass weight of mere 3.40 lbs., a slim two-piece grip in walnut burled wood grain and a braided wrist sling, parallel limbs with micro-lite vented pockets, an axle to axle dimension of 28 inches desirable for ground hunting, a tunable string suppressor, a micro-adjustable draw stop for a perfect point, and an efficient cam which shoots at 320 fps. Some archers thought of the Ambusher 28 as having a lower quality but they thought wrong. It is very smooth drawing, and just like other Parker compound bows, it feels good and shoots awesome.

Parker Inferno Compound BowThe Inferno of Parker Compound Bows

Inferno – The Inferno is hot with its machined aluminium riser of ten aggressive cut out vents and feather light feel. It has a two-color twist string and cable straps around the Inferno cam. It has slightly different specifications compared to the rest of Parker compound bows, but it is the ultimate hunting bow which is hundreds of dollars less than other bows of similar features. This has been reviewed as one of the smoothest bows ever. The string stands out because it is served on the lower cam and at the string suppressor meeting the roller guard. It serves tight even after a hundred shots at 290 to 320 fps.

Parker Wildfire Extreme Compound BowWildfire Extreme of Parker Compound Bows

WildFire Extreme – This updated version of the original WildFire of Parker compound bows sets archery on fire. It is one of the popular selling and the lightest adult frame bows. It offers precision tuning with its adjustable draw stop on the cam, an IBO speed of 310 fps with a brace height of 7 ¾ inches, and an ultra-light weight of 3.65 lbs. to name a few. It is the top bow when it comes to value and performance. First time hunters even find it very easy to use. Its shorter axle-to-axle works great on blind hunting and setting down in tree stands. It is an example of excellence from Parker compound bows.

Parker archery also provides compound bows for the youth and the ladies with their SideKick Extreme and SideKick Extreme Pink, and BuckShot Extreme and BuckShot Extreme Pink. Parker compound bows cover both genders, all ages and all hunting ambitions so that everyone could experience true quality and performance.

September 5, 2014

Is the Barnett Buck Commander CRT Crossbow as Vicious as it Looks?

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Barnett Buck Commander CRTAdmit it. You’re like most hunters who are looking for a vicious-looking crossbow. It comes with the territory of crossbow hunting. This is why the Barnett Buck Commander CRT Crossbow is very popular. One look at it is enough for even the biggest game to quiver.

Of course, you want to make sure that its performance is as vicious as it looks. This review will tell you if this is something that you should buy if you want to be effective out there in the field.

The Intimidation Factor

This is no weakling. It weighs a little over than 8 pounds which could be an issue with a lot of hunters, but not with someone like you who’s looking for the meanest and baddest crossbow out there. It also measures 24 inches wide and 36 inches long. Add the recommended 3 by 32mm scope and you just know that this crossbow means business.

The Power behind its Looks

With a 365 feet per second velocity, you just know that it’s a very powerful crossbow. The target can be dozens of yards away and you don’t have to worry about the loss of trajectory and power at the tail-end of the shot. Shoot the 22 inch arrows with confidence especially since this model produces 126 foot pounds of massive energy thanks to the 14 inch power stroke.

It’s a Silent Assassin

You’re probably thinking that this crossbow shoots with a boom to match its intimidating looks. On the contrary, this one’s very quiet. Thanks to the Barnsdale laminated limbs compressed with the AVi technology of Barnett, the noise is reduced by up to 30%. In addition, the whiplash cams partnered with crosswire cables and strings add to this crossbow’s reputation as a silent assassin. Targets won’t know what hit them, and other animals in the area wouldn’t know that a predator (you) is lurking.

What Other People are Saying

To summarize the reviews of other users, they’re saying that it’s powerful, accurate and easy to use. Those things are basically the trifecta that you should be looking for in a crossbow, and the Barnett Buck Commander CRT Crossbow has them. It’s relatively affordable at over $600, and it’s worth it. Some people would even say that just displaying its intimidating looks makes it worth it, much more when you get the chance to use it on the field and be the vicious hunter that you’re destined to be.





May 2, 2014

Starter Horton Crossbows

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crossbowIs this your first time to go hunting? Are you ready for the demands that hunting has in store for you? Are you confident that your equipment will help you get the job done? Well if you are using Horton crossbows then you will have nothing to worry about. Horton crossbows can help you prepare for your first time hunting. Regardless of how old you are this will be a very memorable learning experience. You may even be having those dreams of taking down your first deer or bear. Do not fret for you will achieve those dreams real soon.

The idea of a first hunt can both be exciting and worrisome. There is some preparation that you will need to do before you go hunting. You will need to study about hunting and this is why it is advised that you get someone experienced to be your mentor. Ask about everything from how to use Horton crossbows to how you can track wildlife out in the forest. Do not leave anything to chance. Also make sure that you are familiar with any first aid or emergency situation tactics because you can never be too sure out in the wilderness.

Never underestimate the need for a good quality bow when you go for your first hunt. This is where you can always rely on Horton crossbows. Horton crossbows are especially great for novice or beginner hunters. Horton crossbows can be your best asset when hunting down your first deer. Horton crossbows come in a wide array of models. You will surely be able to easily find a bow that will meet your needs.

Be practical. Yes it is important to learn the ropes before your first hunt but learning is not the only thing you should be concerned about. Most of the time beginners make the common mistake of putting too much time and effort on the learning process that they do not take their bow choice seriously. What they end up with is nothing compared to Horton crossbows. They end up with cheap bows that cannot get the job done.

Hunting calls for specific needs to be met and for the novice such needs can only be met with Horton crossbows. As compared to other kinds of bows Horton crossbows will not only shoot but Horton crossbows will shoot well therefore giving you better chances of achieving success while you hunt your first animal. Hunting requires skills. For the beginner these skills will only be developed through practice and experience. But practice using a low quality bow will not amount to much improvement. Using Horton crossbows is a good way to help a novice develop the skills that a hunting task calls for.

Horton crossbows have a specific design tailored to help beginners who probably have not yet developed the skill for accuracy. With lightweight and well calibrated Horton bows you come closer to a more accurate shot than any other bow can reach. Horton bows also have a shock system that reduces vibrations significantly making their bows easier to handle and manipulate.

When you choose Horton crossbows not only will you be supplied with a perfect hunting bow but you too will have options to select from a wide variety of accessories that will accompany your bow. Horton crossbows come with separate attachments which can be used for specific purposes during a hunting trip. Your bow will never be limited to only a single capability. You can virtually use Horton bows for any possible conditions you may experience in the wild. From obstacles to changing wind speeds and directions Horton crossbows and accessories will be able to help you get that first shot right.

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