Three Ways to Market Your Business

Getting your business into the public’s mind is a neverending battle, so keeping up with the latest marketing trends is an important part of staying relevant. If you are finding that there’s a drag in new clientele, it might be time to try something different to enhance your brand recognition.

Partner With Others

You know how the hotel concierge has a list of restaurants and bars all ready for you when you ask them for a good local place to eat? This is thanks to clever marketing: Chances are the hotel gets a kickback for every referral they send to those specifics venues. You don’t have to be in the hospitality industry to take advantage of the benefits of partnering with other companies; in fact, business marketing lists via email or snail mail can be a hugely effective way to work together and get both your names out there.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

A clunky website with difficult navigation is not just an eyesore, but it’s frustrating for viewers who are trying to find something specific. Follow the industry standards and keep your menu at the top of your page, clearly labeling tabs and making sure that all information is current and links to the correct place — broken links are infuriating. Similarly, don’t forget to put contact information in a place that is obvious and easy to find; this includes a phone number, email address and any social media handles you use.

Advertise Sales and Promotions on Social Media

You don’t only need to use Facebook for cat memes. Any form of social media can be a great platform to tease new products and highlight special events like big sales, so get your followers excited about them. Social media can be a small business’s best friend.

Although it takes work, marketing your business is worth every minute and penny you put into it. It takes effort to be extraordinary, and you know that better than most others.