Measure how Profitable we are in Investing

Investments in property such as apartments are increasingly popular with people. Investors know very well that the benefits of investing in apartment properties are quite tempting. Check out some of the reasons why apartment investment is very promising today, especially on Tampines Ave 10 EC

Apartments are immovable assets worth investing in. In contrast to vehicles whose prices are shrinking, apartment prices continue to increase especially in strategic places like Parc Central Residences. Check out what are the benefits of investing in an apartment

Rental and selling prices are high

There are at least two things that apartment owners do when they buy an apartment. First, he rents out on a daily, monthly to an annual basis.

In several metropolitan cities such as Singapore, many apartment owners rent out daily to monthly. The value of rental apartments in metropolitan cities is quite large as many are looking for comfortable and affordable rental housing.

Second, they resell the apartments they have bought at attractive prices. Every year, the increase in apartment prices can reach 5 percent to 10 percent.

Apartments have become a trend and favorite housing

The availability of land for housing in big cities and metropolitan areas is increasingly limited and the price is increasingly expensive. So one way is to build a vertical residential apartment.

The apartment is now the choice of many people to live not far from where they work. So living in an apartment is now a trend. In addition to the many facilities offered, living in an apartment is also considered quite safe and comfortable like Parc Central Residences EC

Besides, living in an apartment will also be a favorite of the public as many apartment development projects are located in transit-oriented development (TOD) locations or transit-oriented development close to the terminal or train station.

Apartment locations in areas close to the KRL, LRT or MRT train stations or stations will facilitate community access to the destination location.

So do not be surprised if at this time many investors are engaged in the property sector to buy apartments with the aim of resale to get maximum profit.

What must be considered when investing in an apartment

If you are interested in investing in an apartment, then some things must be considered so that your investment plan is carried out carefully and avoid losses.

First, note the location. Try, the location of the apartment purchased is in a strategic place. As said before, one of the most strategic locations for investing in apartments is in big cities and located near transportation access.

Second, pay attention also related to the status of land that is used as a location for apartment development by developers. Make sure the land is indeed owned by the developer, not the status of the build, operate, transfer or BOT.

BOT status is a government-owned asset that is utilized by the private sector for a certain period. The private sector gets the right to manage land and buildings whose profits are shared with the government as the owner of the assets.

If the agreement period has expired, then the assets are returned to the government as the owner. Thus, it is better if the land that will be used as an investment is the property of the developer.

Third, pay attention to the facilities offered. One of the reasons people will live in apartments is the available facilities such as representative parks, adequate parking areas, swimming pools, CCTV, children’s areas, supermarkets, food courts, and other facilities.

If you buy an apartment for resale, these facilities must be made available to make your potential customers interested in the apartment you want to rent or sell.