Guidance For Opening a Daycare Center

If you dream of opening a daycare center in California, it necessary to have experience working with young children. A license and appropriate training and certifications that include the following are also required. 

First Aid Training

Accidents can happen when small children are running, playing and interacting. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires all daycare center employees to have first aid training. OSHA compliance training Santa Rosa CA is available privately or through the American Red Cross. Certification courses teach daycare staff to handle cuts and scrapes, broken bones and sprained ligaments, accidental ingestion, bleeding, and various other emergencies until medical assistance is available.

CPR Training

Daycare workers must obtain certification in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, specifically geared toward children and infants, and adults. Training classes teach the appropriate methods to apply according to an individual’s age.

Blood-Borne Pathogen Training

Exposure to blood in a daycare may be due to nosebleeds or cuts and scrapes. Bloodborne pathogens are easily transmittable through activities including feeding, diapering, vomit cleaning and biting. OSHA certified training courses teach daycare staff how to use personal protective equipment, handle and avoid exposure to potential contaminants. 

Hepatitis Vaccination

Strains of the hepatitis virus can exist in body fluids and feces, putting daycare workers at risk when working with children and infants. OSHA advises California daycare workers to receive a full course of the hepatitis vaccine before exposure to children. 

COVID-19 Education

OSHA’s California division expects all daycare workers to follow specific guidelines to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Training includes how and when to wash hands and sanitize surfaces, use personal protective equipment, and maintain social distances while working with children. 

If you love working with children, opening a daycare center can be very rewarding, provided that you take essential precautions and undergo the necessary training to ensure everyone’s good health and safety.