How SEO and Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business

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Mention digital marketing and, within minutes, buzzwords like search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing will be mentioned. Both are more than buzzwords. They are integral parts of successful digital marketing for most current brands.

Chances are, if you are running a business that uses digital marketing, you are already using both. SEO will drive traffic to your website, while you use content marketing in your blogs and on your social media channels. But here is the question: are both tactics working well together? If not, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to help your brand grow.

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Making sense of the buzz: SEO vs content marketing

Before considering how SEO and content marketing can be combined in your marketing strategy, it is worth clarifying the differences between both tactics. As

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7 Types of Digital Marketing

7 Types of Digital Marketing
7 Types of Digital Marketing

As a business person, you must be familiar with the term digital marketing. Currently, most businesses, both SMEs and large ones do their marketing digitally. The reason is that digital marketing strategies are relatively cheaper than marketing through print, radio, or TV media. Hence, digital marketing is very possible for SME businessmen.

In addition, digital marketing also consists of many types and is easier to monitor. On the other hand, with the many types of digital marketing and the various terms in it, it can make businessmen confused in determining what kind of strategy is suitable and in accordance with the goals to be achieved in their business.

So that you are not confused, here are some types of digital marketing that you should try for your SME business.

Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on the process of creating and distributing content to the target customers of your business. This … Read More

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A Customer Found a Short Note With Their McDonald’s Delivery. It’s a Master Class in Marketing

You might have seen the story of a customer who recently received a surprising note with their McDonald’s delivery circulating on LinkedIn. The post shows a picture of the classic McDonald’s brown paper bag and a note. It’s not what one would usually expect to receive alongside a Big Mac and fries, but neither is what the note said: 


We’ve seen that you’ve placed your order from the hospital. Hope you’re keeping well! 

Your order is on us. 

The McDonald’s UAE Team

McDonald’s did one thing very few do that made a world of difference regarding its use of data in marketing. With two words, “we’ve seen,” the company led with transparency–a key element in building trust when using data, according to the Harvard Business Review. What this does is wash away the negative connotations that often come as a side effect of data-driven marketing, which can often feel

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Five Ways to Effectively Attract Potential Customers

In today’s era, the global market has been a very competitive ground for entrepreneurs and business owners. Some of this owners have been playing the same game for the majority of their adult years; they have a more significant advantage of knowing how to level the playoffs, and that is how these veterans were able to survive for so long in this industry. On the contrary, the fresh meat or the young entrepreneurs have been struggling to survive, living each day like a battle for extended life for the company they worked so much for.

However, the point of starting a business, besides doing what you love is that this venture can be a potential answer to a more comfortable living. It’s about service for others but at the same time a solution for a life you always wished you could have. And the road to get there is … Read More

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