Best Women Shoe Styles for Work

All women need a good pair of shoes that will complement their work outfits.

A well thought out pair of shoes will make you appear stylish and professional at the same time. This will without a doubt make you feel more confident and enable you to take on whatever comes your way every day.

We will take a look at different ways women can transform their entire looks by simply styling up with different shoes.

Let’s see what works when and what you should take note of.

Open-toed shoes.

As much as open-toed shoes are sophisticated and stylish, wearing them will all depend on your workplace’s dress code.

If they are strict on what to wear, then open-toed shoes? probably not, but if you have a more relaxed dress code; business casual then a blazer jeans combination with open-toed shoes will just do the trick.

The jeans blazer combination with some pair of open-toed shoes is a staple for business casual looks. Open-toed shoes can also be put on with loose, comfortable outfits, especially during hot seasons.

Soft Pumps

Some women highly consider comfort when picking out shoes for work. This is because you will find people spending the whole day at work often. This calls for comfortable shoes that will take you through the day.

If this is your case, then you are in luck. Ditch those heels and get yourself a pair of super soft pumps.

Not only are they super comfortable that you will think twice about wearing them to bed but also look super good and stylish that your work outfit will be elevated effortlessly.

One store to begin your search for a nice comfortable pair of pumps might be BerryLook.

Go through its reviews, see what other people think about this store, and read through some of their experiences before purchasing a pair of soft pumps that will keep your feet comfortable all day!


Are you looking for a men’s inspired look? Then a pair of brogues might tickle your fancy.

Enclosed shoes such as brogues should be a staple for ladies in the office. They fall right into work dress codes since they are mostly black or brown and are always enclosed.

They look best with slim-cut pants that are slightly cropped. Also, you could wear socks with your brogues during the cold seasons. Functional and stylish!

What are you waiting for? Get your brogues now!

Ballerina Pumps

For days when you are feeling like heels won’t make it for you, a pair of ballerina pumps will do the thing.

A pair of ballerina pumps are a good alternative for pumps when searching for a pair of stylish and comfortable footwear.

This pair of shoes has gathered some attention and has become accepted as celebrities have been seen wearing them and at the same time many fashion bloggers have written about them.

They work best with a trousers based outfit. They are so versatile and stylish, coming in various shapes to choose from.

If you are huge on suits and want to ooze confidence and a no-nonsense attitude, then pointy heels are a must.

Pointy heels work wonderfully with suits. They give an outfit a vibrant and daring look. This pair of shoes with a suit, will without a doubt transform your persona into a high-end daredevil.

Ankle boots are also a worthy business casual footwear to look at. They check as workplace footwear. Pick ankle level boots with colors that contrast your jeans.

This will make your boots and jeans stand out. This combination will ensure your outfit stands out and become noticeable.

Court Shoes

Another versatile and comfortable must have are court shoes. This pair of shoes worn centuries ago in royal courts work beautifully with almost all workplace outfits.

If you are also looking for shoes to wear all day long at work, a nice pair of leather court shoes will serve you right.

Court shoes go well with almost anything, from jeans, skirts, dresses, trousers, suites to even tights. Anything! I mean anything.

For office court shoes, stick to simple colors such as white, black, and navy blue. Pointed court shoes also give you a daring look, emanating boldness and confidence.   

There you go!

I am sure your head is buzzing with ideas right now. Make sure you pick on the right shoe for your workplace, depending on how strict the dress code is.

Also, consider how long you will be on these shoes so that you can pick up a comfortable pair.

For more inspiration, ideas, recommendations, and opinions of other shoe shoppers read shoe store reviews

It will give you better ideas on where to shop and what to look for. Good Luck.