5 Tips for Achieving Financial Freedom

5 Tips for Achieving Financial Freedom
5 Tips for Achieving Financial Freedom

Finance is certainly one of the most important aspects of life. sometimes there is even an assumption that “good finances will produce a good life too”.

This cannot be completely denied, because looking at the current conditions, almost all aspects of life require money to be fulfilled.

Therefore, people are scrambling to get a good job in order to be able to meet their needs financially. On the other hand, in the end, everyone would hope to be financially free or financial freedom. To know about the business you can visit this site festivaldelladriatico

Now, if you often meet someone with such conditions and want to achieve financial freedom, here are 5 tips that you can try to achieve financial freedom:

Understand the Current Financial Condition

Actually, it doesn’t matter how old you are now and how much income you can earn in a month.

Financial freedom is not measured by how much income you earn, but by whether that income can cover all your needs.

Understand your current financial condition starting from how much you spend and what your income is. Is the income able to pay off all your expenses?

If not, then you have not been able to achieve financial freedom.

On the other hand, you must be able to calculate how much you still have to fulfill in a month so that the income can be greater than the expenses.

That way, you can then focus on determining your financial goals going forward.

Define Financial Goals

Determine your financial goals in advance so that in the future you can more easily develop strategies to achieve them.

For example, this month you should be able to save about 20% of your total expenses in the previous month. Then, in the next few months, you should be able to add 40% to your current income.

You can then devise what strategy is right and suitable for you to meet those goals. Just like when you travel, you already have to arrange an itinerary before actually traveling, right?

Find Other Income Sources

Creating assets that are able to generate income is certainly one of the important steps to achieving financial freedom.

After you create the asset, let the income from that asset cover any expenses or needs.

Meanwhile, basic income is used to create other assets or fulfill other interests outside of your basic expenses.


The money you have today will never be the same in value five years from now. This is because of inflation.

When you save money in the bank, its value will continue to erode whether it’s because of tax breaks, administrative fees, to inflation.

However, when you invest your money, it will increase in value over time. Therefore, never let your money sit in savings.

Choose investment instruments that are suitable and appropriate for you, such as investing in gold, stocks, property, to online P2P Lending investments.

Each instrument certainly has risks, therefore, learn how to work and the risks of each investment instrument before starting.

If you are looking for an alternative online investment, P2P Lending at KoinWorks can be the right answer. The interest you get starts from 18% effective interest per year.

For the sake of realizing financial freedom, investment is certainly the right answer for you.

Pay Off All Debts

If you have outstanding bills or debts, try to pay them off whenever you have enough nominal money.

The income from the assets that you currently have should at least be able to cover all debts that still exist so that financial freedom can be realized.

Those are tips for achieving financial freedom as coveted by many people. What is your opinion? Have you missed anything? May be useful!