3 Types of Horse Insurance

Horses are expensive companions. If you have a one, there is a good chance you paid at least $3,000 for it. That is not a small purchase. Because horses can be such a costly investment, many horse owners make the decision to purchase a horse insurance policy. If you are considering financial protection for your horse, the number of options may be confusing. What are the differences? Which kind do you need? Do not let it overwhelm you. Typically, you have three options:

Health Coverage

The most common type of horse insurance covers medical expenses. Depending on the policy you choose, you can receive health care protection for basic vaccinations and dental care to major health problems such as those requiring advanced surgical treatment. Vet bills can add up quickly. In contrast, medical insurance usually only costs a few hundred dollars every year.

Mortality / Loss of Use Coverage

Mortality coverage is just what it sounds like. While no one can put a number on a beloved horse’s life, mortality horse insurance covers your financial loss if you do face that difficult situation unexpectedly. You can purchase different levels of mortality coverage, and you can check for more information when you call for a horse insurance quote. Loss of use is somewhat similar. Instead of death, it simply provides protection if your horse loses its ability to do things a healthily-functioning horse could.

Liability Coverage

You can think about horse liability coverage like you think about automobile liability insurance. Just as your car insurance protects you if you cause property or bodily damages to someone else, horse liability insurance covers you if your horse damages another person, animal or piece of property. Horse owners tend to purchase liability coverage for peace of mind, whereas health coverage and mortality coverages protect against the inevitable. 

When it comes to purchasing horse insurance, you have many options. You are bound to find one that will work for you and your horse’s specific needs.