The boom in technological innovation and growth in IT-intensive jobs and industries is driving explosive growth in student interest in computing education, and U.S. academic institutions are trying to keep pace. To meet this demand and sustain job growth and U.S. competitiveness, it is critical to set up sustainable pathways for education and training. At the same time, these pathways must promote a diverse workforce so that our Nation is able to tap talent from all sources, and so that all have access to high-quality jobs.

  • In some cases, usually for provision in one of our out-centres, Recognised University Teachers are involved, supported by the University in suitable professional development for teaching.
  • Typical offers will be based on average percentage from 3 best 5-unit level subjects with requirements ranging from78%to92%depending on the course.
  • 2) Appreciate the principles of abstraction and layering in building today’s complex systems and be able to
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