“Our platform is changing the face of incremental marketing”

“In a privacy-centric world, where user-level data is no longer accessible (and rightfully so!), INCRMNTAL has created a platform that allows marketers to measure the true value of their marketing activities without the need for cookies and identifiers,” explained the company’s co-founders Maor Sadra and Moti Tal. This means that it hasn’t been impacted by privacy legislation introduced by Apple, Google, and other players in the industry.”

“It’s also the only product on the market that doesn’t require marketers to turn ad campaigns on and off to compare results, which can be laborious and costly for brands,” they continued. “It uses causal data science to determine what impact each marketing activity has on sales, so marketers can understand what works and what doesn’t, and consequently allocate their budgets effectively.”

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INCRMNTAL to date has raised a total of $5.5 million and in

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