‘Contract Bundling’ is an Issue That’s Still Top of Mind for the Small Business Administration

When asked what keeps her up at night, a top Small Business Administration official said “contract bundling,” which is when agencies bundle several different contracts together and award the work to one company in an attempt to save taxpayer dollars. 

Candace Waterman, president and CEO of Women Impacting Public Policy, asked Bibi Hidalgo, associate administrator in SBA’s Office of Government Contracting, the question during an event on Thursday in Silver Spring, Maryland for “ChallengeHer,” an initiative started in 2013 by the SBA, Women Impacting Public Policy and American Express to boost federal contracting opportunities for women-owned small businesses. 

Contract bundling––just one issue small businesses, particularly women-owned ones, face when trying to enter the federal marketplace––“in theory may be saving dollars, but what happens then is those contracts are no longer available for smaller businesses because a small business wouldn’t really be able to compete necessarily for a $7 billion contract,”

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