International Business Majors, Here Are 7 Job Prospects

International Business Majors, Here Are 7 Job Prospects
International Business Majors, Here Are 7 Job Prospects

International business majors are one of the options sought by prospective students. If you are interested, you can read the information on international business majors here. One of the universities that has a major in international business is Binus. Launching the official Binus website, the following is information on job prospects for the International Business department:

Marketing and Sales Manager

Companies need international business graduates so that companies can have actual strategies in accordance with current international business developments. Jobdesk’s profession is to monitor employee performance, develop goals, plan marketing, and measure market potential, to ensure that every sales effort is successful.

International Sales Representative

Every company that wants to expand into international business must have this division. To lead a team takes the academic ability and skills of graduates majoring in international business.

These include understanding the potential of the international market and understanding the culture, trends, or laws in other countries.

International Business Analyst

Graduates majoring in international business can also become International Business Analysts. This profession analyzes various aspects of business, from financing, strategy, and potential, to impending obstacles. Not only national companies are needed, but this job is also sought after by startups such as Go-Jek, Tokopedia, and Traveloka.

Foreign Exchange Consultant

The main task of this profession is to provide companies with views on international investment issues. They will research exchange rates, analyze market trends, and become a reliable communicator, and sales force. We can find professions like this in international companies, startups, or local companies engaged in investment.

Finance Manager or Accountant

Although from an educational background, this profession does not actually require the academic ability of international business graduates. However, in terms of management skills, you can become a financial manager or accountant in a company. In practice, this profession even requires a general analysis of the potential of a business.

Budget Analyst

The main task of this profession is to develop expenditure plans for various types of institutions ranging from businesses, schools, and universities, to government agencies. To do this, budget analysts will look at past expenses so that their advice is appropriate and what the company really needs. Please visit this site if you are looking for information about health bakkerenleenheer

Academic knowledge of international business science is not the only skill we can expect and use in this work. A Budget Analyst should also have skills in terms of doing research, analysis, and communication.

Business Professor

For those who are happy with the world of education, graduates of international business can become professors at universities, you know. However, to achieve this position, it is necessary to continue education up to the doctoral level. Apart from teaching, you can also contribute to the business world through scientific articles and research journals.