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If you become ill or injured during your trip, you may need medical assistance. And if you don’t have the right level of cover, you could face a large medical bill. Backpackers can get cover for unexpected medical expenses by taking out travel insurance that can insure you whether you’re travelling across one or many countries. Designed for a longer single trip up to 18 months, often to multiple countries. You may find this type of cover is right for you if you’re planning a gap year or career break if you’re under the age of 50. If you are planning to go skiing or snowboarding during your trip, we also offer winter sports cover that you can add to your policy.

If your trip lasts for longer than 365 days, then we’ll sadly be unable to cover you. Please note that no part of a trip booked to last longer than 365 days is covered. We will compensate you for any unused accommodation and travel expenses which you lose or incur as a result of having to cancel / curtail your holiday due to certain reasons. Perhaps Australia has crossed your mind, with the nightlife of Sydney, combined with the emptiness of the outback.

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If you have a medical condition, please make sure you disclose it when buying your policy. Direct Travel Insurance will not provide cover for undeclared medical conditions. All new policies include coronavirus cover for cancellation, curtailment and medical costs due to Covid-19 in certain circumstances. countryhavenresort.com And you can add extra protection for missed departures or change in testing and quarantine rules with ourCovid-19 upgrade. Alpha’s Backpacker & Longstay policiesprovide medical cover up to £10 million as well as offering repatriation – so you know you’re in the best possible hands.

  • These days, online banking means you can run your affairs from an internet cafe anywhere in the world.
  • The adventurous vanguard of independent travellers are also exploring beyond the established trails these days, so do your homework well.
  • Let us know about any pre-existing medical conditions before you take out a travel insurance policy with us or you won’t be covered.
  • Check your policy wording for the full list and our terms and conditions.
  • Based on all the crazy events that can happen when traveling the world.

It is worth noting, if you do forget to purchase a visa some countries will allow you to buy one at the airport but this isn’t always the case so it’s best to be prepared. Having a pen-knife, or swiss army knife in your backpack can be a life saver – it maybe something you need to purchase whilst abroad as many countries will not allow you to pass through customs with a knife. Plug adaptors that are suitable for every destination as there will be nothing worse than travelling from Europe to North America just to find you can’t charge your phone. It goes without saying that suitable clothing and footwear for all weathers and activities is a must! No one wants to be left cold and wet after a day trekking the Grand Canyon because they didn’t pack a mac. Whether you want to go near or far we have suggested our picks for the best backpacking destinations across the world.

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This means that, in most cases, you can get your money returned to you before going on your trip. Our Backpacker insurance can last for a full 365-day period, so if you’re travelling on a gap year, it may be the right type of insurance for you. Provides cover if your personal money is lost or stolen on your journey.

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Tourists will also need to pay an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy alongside the ETA. People entering New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa do not require an ETA. Without a visa, British nationals arriving by air can remain Thailand for a maximum of 30 days, though if you arrive across a land border this may be shorter. If you wish to extend your trip you should apply for a 60 day tourist visa before you leave the UK.