The Importance of a Notary in Legal Actions

Everyone will go through a registry office in life, be it to register births or deaths, authenticate a document and even in weddings and purchases of real estate. There is an estimate that a physical person will use the services of the caseworker at least ten times in his or her life.But for every need, one must consider an expert notary.

Canadian notaries (except in the Province of Quebec – for more information check Mona Salehi Notary website) are very much like their American counterparts, restricted to administering oaths, witnessing signatures on affidavits and statutory declarations, providing acknowledgements, certifying true copies.

Types of cartridges

The registry offices of titles and documents have different functions. They promote the registration of general documents, such as contracts between individuals and / or legal entities, which have as their reason movable assets. It is also responsible for making extrajudicial notifications, such as billing, for … Read More

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