Protect your business from cybercrime with this dark web monitoring service

Save money and save your information from falling into the wrong hands with the InsecureWeb Dark Web Monitoring platform.

Image: Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock

Cybercrime is rampant in today’s digital age. You can find practically any cybercrime service for sale on the dark web if you know where to look. For honest business owners, that means you have to take cybersecurity seriously. In addition to using a VPN and anti-malware software, it’s also smart to invest in a service like Dark Web Monitoring for Business.

InsecureWeb Dark Web Monitoring scours the dark web for information, vulnerabilities, and indicators of ongoing or future attacks on your system or data. The tool monitors dark web activity occurring in hidden websites, chat rooms, peer-to-peer networks, IRC and many more places. More than 14 billion records have been collected historically, and millions more are found every day.

Dark Web Monitoring alerts you when credentials have been

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Kelly Williams Joins Impact Housing as Director of Business Development

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kelly Williams has joined Impact Housing, a manufacturer of homes built with modular construction technology, as director of business development. Williams, who is a past president of the Modular Building Institute (MBI), brings more than 20 years of modular construction industry experience to Impact Housing.

Williams has worked for some of the most recognized residential modular construction companies in the industry, including VESTA Modular, Champion Homes, and Clayton Homes, where he served as general manager of Clayton Building Solutions. Williams’ experience includes both multifamily and single-family aspects of the modular construction market.

Williams will work directly with builders and developers to advance modular housing projects. “Our immediate goal,” says Williams, “is to address the country’s housing shortage by bringing more options to the affordable housing market. That includes single-family homes and build-to-rent homes.” Williams continues, “Disaster relief is also a major focus. With the speed

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30 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms

Staying at home with kids is a full-time job on its own. But many moms also want to make extra money online or with a home-based business idea. If you’re looking for the perfect stay-at-home mom business ideas, read on for some options.

What is a Mompreneur?

A mompreneur is any mom who also runs a business. The term is often applied to those who run companies that serve other moms, or those who serve as the primary caregiver for their children.

Business Opportunities for Stay-at-Home Moms in 2022

Technology has opened lots of opportunities for stay-at-home moms and anyone looking to run a business remotely. You can run a company completely online and enjoy time flexibility to complete tasks while the kids are napping or entertaining themselves.

Why You Should Consider Starting Your Own Business as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Some aspiring small business owners who are also parents may

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A Customer Found a Short Note With Their McDonald’s Delivery. It’s a Master Class in Marketing

You might have seen the story of a customer who recently received a surprising note with their McDonald’s delivery circulating on LinkedIn. The post shows a picture of the classic McDonald’s brown paper bag and a note. It’s not what one would usually expect to receive alongside a Big Mac and fries, but neither is what the note said: 


We’ve seen that you’ve placed your order from the hospital. Hope you’re keeping well! 

Your order is on us. 

The McDonald’s UAE Team

McDonald’s did one thing very few do that made a world of difference regarding its use of data in marketing. With two words, “we’ve seen,” the company led with transparency–a key element in building trust when using data, according to the Harvard Business Review. What this does is wash away the negative connotations that often come as a side effect of data-driven marketing, which can often feel

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Small Business Administration launches community navigators

The regional administrator of the Small Business Administration has spent the past two days in North Texas meeting with Chambers of Commerce and city leaders about issues facing small businesses and options currently available for those struggling. South Central Regional Administrator Ted James says the visit aimed to increase awareness about the Community Navigator Pilot Program.

The pilot program offers funding to local and state governments, non-profits, and other organizations to provide financial assistance, marketing, and industry-specific training for small businesses.

The program targets communities considered underserved. On Thursday, Ted James met with city leaders from Balch Springs, Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville, Glenn Heights, Hutchins, Lancaster, Ovila, and Wilmer.

“We have been trying to be a lot more aggressive. A lot of small businesses don’t know the good things happening at the SBA,” James said. “Our community navigators are a brand new initiative by way of the American Rescue Plan,

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